About Us

The Texas Payroll Conference was established in 1989 as a non-profit organization to provide continuing education to the payroll professional. The Texas Payroll Conference Board of Directors is currently comprised of twelve regular members and four advisor volunteer representatives from across the state of Texas. Our annual conference provides opportunities for payroll professionals to learn about technology advances, legislative and tax changes, professional development and much more. Over the years, we have grown from 50 attendees to 500 attendees from Texas and surrounding states.

Our Mission

To continuously enhance the payroll profession by providing educational, networking and professional development opportunities to individuals in payroll and related fields.

Statement of Purpose

Payroll professionals must stay abreast of federal, state and local tax laws as they impact the payroll process and administer the regulations of various federal agencies such as the Social Security Administration, the U. S. Department of Labor and the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. In the State of Texas, payroll professionals also interact with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Attorney General’s Office. Frequent changes to regulations and technological advances require a continual upgrading of skills to stay current. Texas Payroll Conference, Inc. was founded to help payroll professionals meet these challenges. 

Texas Payroll Conference, Inc. provides educational opportunities for payroll professionals and other interested parties. Additionally, it provides payroll professionals an opportunity to interact with peers, various representatives from federal and state agencies and representatives from companies that provide services for, or technological assistance to, the payroll community.

Sources of revenue are from fees paid by individuals attending the conference and/or seminars, as well as exhibition fees paid by vendors. Donations, including sponsorships, services and products are used to offset expenses. Expenditures are for costs associated with planning, developing, promoting and conducting an annual conference and/or seminars, as well as fees and expenses paid for speakers and to meeting planners. Texas Payroll Conference, Inc. has no paid employees or officers. Board Members of Texas Payroll Conference. Inc. are professionals involved with payroll and related fields, live in Texas and donate their time to plan and carry out the goals and objectives of the organization.