Lifetime Achievement

I was deeply honored to be asked to present this award, because this individual has been a mentor, role model, inspiration and support to many of you here tonight. They are a true example of what a lifetime achievement award winner should be.

What is a lifetime achievement award?

A lifetime achievement award is given to recipients who have dedicated their lives to a worthy cause or somehow made an impact in society or in the lives of others. A lifetime achievement award is often received for dedication to a worthy cause. A lifetime achievement award winner is a successful leader in a company, industry or in the community. The recipient is a true pillar who will teach future generations by example. This award recognizes contributions over the entirety of a career.

This year’s recipient is definitely deserving of this award. They have dedicated their life whether consciously or not to the payroll profession. They are a leader in the payroll community, a true pillar that has taught generations and will continue to teach generations by their example.

Their payroll career spans over 3 decades. They have been a CPP for three decades. They have taught study classes for their local chapter and been a favorite speaker at the monthly meetings. They have been a favorite speaker at TPC for many years. They encourage, support and recognize the value in others.

Understanding the importance of giving back to the Payroll profession, they have served on the local, state and national level. ON the local level, they served as Government Liaison, Treasurer and President. On the national level, they served on the Board of Advisors, GAFT on Tax Forms and Publications, Hotline Referral Committee, Chapter of the Year and Nominations and Elections Committee. On the state level, they served as Treasurer and President.

This individual has been recognized on the local, state and national level for their service and dedication to the Payroll Profession. They received the Meritorious Service Award from APA National, was Payroll Professional of their local chapter, and was named the Texas Payroll Professional of the Year.

This year’s recipient has been a mentor and role model to me and was responsible for opening the door for me on the National level. This individual presented me with the TPPY award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Dallas Chapter. It is only fitting that I can present this award to her.

It is my honor and privilege to recognize and present the Texas Payroll Conference Lifetime Achievement Award to my mentor, friend, sister in Christ and travel buddy, Kathy Phillips, CPP.

Kathy Phillips, CPP
2019 Texas Payroll Conference Lifetime Achievement Award