Award Winners:

2018   Paul Gill, CPP
2017   Sheri Lewis, CPP
2016   Martha Baxter
2015   Rebecca (Becky) Mather, CPP
2014   Teresa Mulkey, CPP
2013   Taunya Fritzsching, CPP
2012   Patty Lake Cady, CPA, CTP, CPP
2011   Carolyn Trader, CPP
2010   Carl York, CPP
2009   Tommy Windsor, CPP
2008   De Ann Williams-Doonan, CPP
2007   Glen Hilton, CPP
2006   Valery Noakes, CPP
2005   Barbara Youngman, CPP
2005   Stuart Evans, CPP
2004   Debera Salam, CPP
2003   Carolyn Huse, CPP
2002   Kathy Phillips, CPP
2001   Kay Tucker, CPP


Texas Payroll Professional of the Year

Deadline to apply for 2019 TPPY is July 26th.




The recipient of this year’s award is no stranger to many of us. They have served on their local chapter, on the State level through their service on the TPC Board of Directors, on the National level in various capacities, and as a speaker. This individual is known for their positive outlook on life, and for being a loyal and honest person, both personally and professionally.

Like many in the audience, this individual did not choose payroll as a career but found that it chose them through a sheer coincident. So many of us have found that we were in the right place at the right time, or perhaps it was the wrong place at the right time; but the attraction to payroll took hold none the less and created an opportunity for this individual to take off into a payroll career – even though at the time, they had no idea that “a payroll career” was a THING.

As this individual began to embrace Payroll, they were fortunate to experience the statewide TPC conference and APA Congress which ultimately catapulted their pursuit to become a Certified Payroll Professional in 1999. Their excitement towards payroll grew and they found that like those who were a tremendous influence over their payroll career, they wanted to find a way to “pay it forward”. Encouraged by such individuals as Barbara Youngman and Glen Hilton, who saw something in this individual that they did not, they found the courage to begin speaking to share their stories of both payroll failures and successes. In fact, we are fortunate to have this individual teaching classes at TPC this year. But, if you do not have the good fortune of being in one of those classes, you will certainly find this individual at the Friday Night Party singing Sweet Home Alabama.

Please join me in congratulating

Paul Gill, CPP
2018 Texas Payroll Professional Of The Year