Award Winners:

2019   Natalie Lopez, CPP
2018   Paul Gill, CPP
2017   Sheri Lewis, CPP
2016   Martha Baxter
2015   Rebecca (Becky) Mather, CPP
2014   Teresa Mulkey, CPP
2013   Taunya Fritzsching, CPP
2012   Patty Lake Cady, CPA, CTP, CPP
2011   Carolyn Trader, CPP
2010   Carl York, CPP
2009   Tommy Windsor, CPP
2008   De Ann Williams-Doonan, CPP
2007   Glen Hilton, CPP
2006   Valery Noakes, CPP
2005   Barbara Youngman, CPP
2005   Stuart Evans, CPP
2004   Debera Salam, CPP
2003   Carolyn Huse, CPP
2002   Kathy Phillips, CPP
2001   Kay Tucker, CPP


Texas Payroll Professional of the Year

Deadline to apply for 2020 TPPY is July 24th.




I am honored and excited today to present the 2019 Texas Payroll Professional of the Year Award.

This individual has been involved in their local APA chapter for many years, holding several positions, up to and including the President of the chapter, all to make a difference, give back to their payroll community, while pursuing and achieving their CPP certification.

Once a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP), you could not stop this individual from diving into the payroll world even deeper. They served on their Statewide board of directors holding many various positions and chaired several committees. This was all flowing from this person’s deep desire to “pay it forward” in their payroll community and being the best payroll professional they could be for their company and those around them. What a great role model to the rest of us!

If that wasn’t enough, much like those of us who got the “payroll bug”, this individual also received the “speaker bug” as well. They spoke in their local chapter, their statewide and then jumped into the National APA payroll scene, making quite an impact serving, volunteering and receiving awards, which allowed them to continue to give back and pay it forward.

Our local APA chapters encourage involvement in our communities and charity organizations and this individual took that very seriously. They have given so many hours of their own time and given of themselves in so many ways, that there are simply too many to mention here in this short timeframe.

This individual is so busy with their payroll career and travels so many miles, literally around the world, and still makes time for family and friends, that I hope they have taken time off to be here today to receive this award.

Please help me congratulate the 2019 Texas Payroll Professional of the year.

Natalie Lopez, CPP
2019 Texas Payroll Professional Of The Year