Award Winners:

2017   Sheri Lewis, CPP
2016   Martha Baxter
2015   Rebecca (Becky) Mather, CPP
2014   Teresa Mulkey, CPP
2013   Taunya Fritzsching, CPP
2012   Patty Lake Cady, CPA, CTP, CPP
2011   Carolyn Trader, CPP
2010   Carl York, CPP
2009   Tommy Windsor, CPP
2008   De Ann Williams-Doonan, CPP
2007   Glen Hilton, CPP
2006   Valery Noakes, CPP
2005   Barbara Youngman, CPP
2005   Stuart Evans, CPP
2004   Debera Salam, CPP
2003   Carolyn Huse, CPP
2002   Kathy Phillips, CPP
2001   Kay Tucker, CPP


Texas Payroll Professional of the Year

Deadline to apply for 2018 TPPY is July 24th.




It is a great honor that I have today to tell you a little bit about our 2017 TPPY recipient.  As I read through their bio and application submission, the word volunteer was prevalent throughout.  Whether it was serving in leadership roles at their local chapters, serving on the TPC Board of Directors or in their day to day work environment, you could easily recognize that this person was passionate about payroll and payroll education.  This person has served in not only one chapter, but two chapters within Texas!

Having been in payroll for over 20 years, this person often referenced the many influences others have had in her career.  The list of their mentors was truly a who’s who of Payroll.  Carolyn Huse, CPP, Valery Noakes, CPP, Kathy Phillips, CPP, Emma Jackson, CPP, Mary Jo Lantz, CPP, Risa Lundquist, CPP, Taunya Fritzching, CPP, Carolyn Cox, CPP and the late Misty Roper ,CPP.  An amazing group to say the least! She feels she is a better person and payroll professional and thanks them for their influence, guidance and growth!

We all have the one person that has inspired us or influenced us; but I was so touched to read that their grandmother was hands down the person who taught her to always believe in the company she worked for, to be loyal and to always give 100% even when you didn’t agree!  And when your grandmother is your first boss, work ethic becomes a bi-product of that mentorship!

At a young age while you and I were busy playing with dolls, trains and trucks, she found amusement in a 10 key adding machine.  While she led TPC as President in 2010, “Taking the Mystery out of Payroll” it was no mystery that she was bound for greatness! 

Having the pleasure of serving with and knowing this recipient for 7 years, I can truly say that this honor is very deserving.  Please join me in congratulating

Sheri Lewis, CPP
2017 Texas Payroll Professional Of The Year