President's Choice Award Winner

2019 - Randy Hines

Every year, the President of TPC gets to select a recipient for a special award…and that’s called the President’s Choice Award.

This year’s recipient has been someone who has been someone who has provided a lot of counsel to me personally – throughout the year. This individual has provided not only ideas but has also done a lot of work for the betterment of our conference this year.

Most of you don’t know this, but I can be a bit particular, and this individual had to put up with me for a whole year…going back and forth…and reading a LOT of text messages. In fact, those messages often ended up with them having to get on the phone with me…sometimes really late at night. This person has worked countless hours on TPC.

You have actually seen a lot of their work, even if you don’t realize it. This individual has really gone far above and beyond what we actually asked them to do…even doing a lot of work for free…and it’s really made this conference look good.

It is my privilege to present this 2019 President’s Choice Award to…our graphic designer extraordinaire…Randy Hines!



Friend of TPC Award

2019 – rapid! Disbursements

The Friend of TPC award may be presented to an individual, employer, vendor, or external organization that consistently and actively supports and promotes the Texas Payroll Conference and the Payroll Profession.

Webster defines a Friend as one attached to another by affection or esteem; one that favors or promotes something; a supporter.

This year’s Friend of TPC definitely supports and promotes TPC and the Payroll Profession by their involvement.

They have been an active supporter of TPC and the local APA Chapters. They are a recognized and respected speaker for their local chapters and Texas Payroll Conference where they love to share their passion for Payroll Education.

For the past several years this company has continually stepped up both professionally and financially to support the board of directors and TPC to ensure our conference is successful. Specifically, as the conference sponsor since 2013. In addition, they have sponsored keynote speakers as well as special events.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s Friend of TPC award recipient…rapid! Disbursements.



Special Recognition

2019 - ADP

The Special Recognition Award is presented to individuals or organizations whose efforts have contributed greatly to the success of The Texas Payroll Conference.

This year’s Special Recognition Award recipient is a long-time partner of TPC. They have consistently supported TPC, as a sponsor and with their time and efforts. They always make a mark on the conference as both attendees and volunteers. These individuals from this organization have truly been an integral part of TPC for many, many years.

It is with great appreciation that the TPC Board of Directors recognizes the 2019 Special Recognition Award Recipient...ADP.







Judith Houghton Memorial Education Scholarship

2019 – Trish Camp, CPP

The Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship is an educational scholarship awarded annually in honor of Judith Houghton, a loyal and committed friend and supporter of the Payroll Profession and the Texas Payroll Conference. The purpose of the Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship is to recognize individuals dedicated to the payroll profession and to encourage their educational advancement through opportunities provided in the State of Texas.

This year’s recipient has been in payroll for 15 years and became a Certified Payroll Professional in 2016. They are an active member of the Dallas Chapter and has attended TPF for several years.

This person truly believes that education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. She hopes to continue to increase her knowledge of Payroll and skills, so that she can one day serve in a Payroll Manager role.

She also aspires to serve as a payroll instructor which would allow her to share the knowledge and experiences she has gained to help others reach their goals to become payroll professionals

This year’s recipient is Trish Camp, CPP.




TPC Service Award

2019 – Brian Farrington, Esq.

The TPC Service Award is presented to individuals or companies whose efforts have contributed greatly to the success of the Texas Payroll Conference. These award winners have volunteered countless hours of their personal time, talents or supported TPC in preparations of the Annual Conference to ensure your experience at the Texas Payroll Conference is memorable.

This year, Texas Payroll Conference would like to recognize an individual who is a personification of this award. This person has become such a staple to the conference, I truly don’t know if we can have a conference without his participation and knowledge. He is so dedicated to providing guidance and sharing his expertise that several years ago he taught multiple sessions just a day or two after major surgery.

Please join me as Texas Payroll Conference recognizes Brian Farrington, Esq. for the TPC Special Service Award.






Government Partner Award

2019 – IRS

The Board of Directors for the Texas Payroll Conference would like to thank the Internal Revenue Service for many years of supporting TPC.

The general public as a whole normally looks upon the IRS in the same vein as Ben Franklin whose famous quote, “nothing is certain but death and taxes,” is as commonplace today as it was in Ben’s time. Payroll professionals, however, have a tiny idea of the difficulty of their jobs.

The IRS is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury and one of the world’s most efficient tax administrators. In fiscal year 2015, the IRS collected almost $3.3 trillion in revenue and processed almost 240 million tax returns. As Payroll Professionals a large percentage of that money flowed through our hands.

Please join me as Texas Payroll Conference recognizes the IRS for the 2019 Government Partner Award.