President's Choice Award Winner

2017 - Barbara Biri, CPP, CPA

It is my honor to present the President's Choice Award.  This person took the lead for several tasks this year, including working on plans for the A Place at the Table, coordinating the Hospitality Committee to ensure that board members were picked up at the airport for board meetings and helping to plan the menus to keep us all fed on board meeting weekends, as well as working with the Chaptor Advisors.

Additionally, she was the Financial Committee Chairperson this year.  She was a mentor to me when I was serving as President-elect for the 2016 conference and is always there to support her fellow board members no matter what is asked of her.


She always seems to have a smile on her face and a kind uplifting word to share.

Barbara Biri, CPP, CPA, it is my honor to present you with the 2017 President's Choice Award.


Premier Volunteer AWARD

2017 - Alaina Scaglione

The TPC Premier Volunteer award is given to the person that the volunteer chair has pointed out as going that extra mile to assist TPC.  

Whenever this person is called upon, they never hesitate to assist in any way possible.

This year's recipient currently serves on the TPC Chapter Advisory Board and has been actively participating on this board since the inception. She has been an active member of the CenTex Chapter.

She never hesitates to assist in any project or task.

This year's recipient of the TPC Premier Volunteer award goes to Alaina Scaglione - CenTex Chapter APA. 

Friend of TPC Award

2017 - American Payroll Association

I have the privilege of presenting the 2017 Friend of TPC Award.  This award is intended to recognize those who have consistently contributed to the success and promotion of the Texas Payroll Conference (TPC).

TPC has continued to grow since the first conference in San Antonio in 1990, and this year's recipient has attended all 28 conferences.

Our recipient is considered to be the backbone of payroll education and payroll professionals.  This organization and their staff are highly dedicated, educated and motivated to promote the payroll profession and provide quality payroll education.

They have provided excellent speakers, feedback, guidance, and motivation from the beginning to ensure the success of our conference.  They have been a favorite participatant each year at the Place at the Table event, taking time to connect and network with the attendees.

This organization has been a true friend and partner to TPC for many years.  Please join me in recognizing our 2017 Friend of TPC, the American Payroll Association. 


Special Recognition

2017 - Critical Healthcare Management LLC

The Special Recognition Award is presented individuals or companies whose efforts have contributed greatly to the success of the Texas Payroll Conference.

These award winners have volunteered countless hours of their personal time, talents or supported TPC in preparations of the Annual Conference to ensure your experience at the Texas Payroll Conference is memorable.

This year, Texas Payroll Conference would like to recognize Critical Healthcare Management LLC for their unwavering support to TPC. For the last two years Critical Healthcare Management has opened their doors and allowed TPC to use their facilities free of charge. This act of kindness and support has allowed TPC to use this savings to offset Conference expenses.

TPC Board of Directors would like to thank Cary Rossel, CFO and Carolyn Huse (TPC Board Member) for their passionate and endless contributions to TPC.

It is with great appreciation that Critical Healthcare Management LLC is awarded the Texas Payroll Conference Special Recognition Award.


Government Partner Award

2017 - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

The Board of Directors for the Texas Payroll Conference would like to thank ICE an Agency under The Department of Homeland Security for the many years of supporting TPC.

ICE is always ready to present when asked and man a booth for our attendees to stop by and ask questions.

When someone says ICE, everyone thinks immigration and I-9s; however, the agency is much more that.  ICE is a federal law enforcement agency responsible for identifying, investigating, and dismantling vulnerabilities regarding the nation's border, economic, transportation, and infrastructure security.

With the recent hurricanes, ICE special agents have been deployed and assisted with recovery efforts.  Please thank them for their service.

It is with great appreciation that U.S. Immigratin and Customs Enforcement is awarded the Texas Payroll Conference Government Partner Award.