President's Choice Award Winner

2018 – Chester Morgan, CPP

This award is intended to recognize an individual who has tirelessly and faithfully supported TPC through volunteer service.

This recipient’s contributions to TPC and this board are many and I deeply appreciate their support. This recipient has consistently contributed to the success and promotion of The Texas Payroll Conference. The recipient has been dedicated to the Payroll Profession and TPC.

This year’s recipient consistently goes above and beyond to help others on the board and continues to work hard for the betterment of everyone’s experience with TPC, and they have also done so with a great attitude.

I value him as a colleague and friend, for his professional demeanor and unfailingly positive attitude towards the board, his profession, and TPC.

I am very proud and honor to present you with the 2018 President’s Choice Award, Chester Morgan, CPP.


Premier Volunteer AWARD

2018 - Verna Bryant, CPP

The TPC Premier Volunteer award is given to the person that the volunteer chair has pointed out as going that extra mile to assist TPC.  

Whenever this person is called upon, they never hesitate to assist in any way possible.

The TPC Premier Volunteer award is given to a person that has gone that extra mile to assist TPC. Conference after conference this person signs up to volunteer and faithfully follows through.

This year’s recipient has been active in the Dallas Chapter APA for over 10 years; currently serving as the Asst. Education Director, as well as volunteering for numerous non-profit organizations within her community.

This year's recipient of the TPC Premier Volunteer award goes to Verna Bryant, CPP, of Williams Fried Chicken, Inc.


Friend of TPC Award

2018 – Emma Jackson, CPP

The Friend of TPC award may be presented to an individual, employer, vendor, or external organization that consistently and actively supports and promotes the Texas Payroll Conference and the Payroll Profession.

Webster defines a Friend as one attached to another by affection or esteem; one that favors or promotes something; a supporter.

This year’s Friend of TPC definitely supports and promotes TPC and the Payroll Profession by their volunteerism. This year’s recipient has over 20 years of experience in Payroll.

This person has a Servant’s heart. They have been an active member of their local Chapter and have served their Chapter in several office positions. They are a recognized and respected speaker for their local chapter and Texas Payroll Conference where they love to share their passion for Payroll Education. They have served on the Texas Payroll Conference Board.

In addition to their love for Payroll, this person loves to be active teaching aerobic and strength classes in their spare time.

For the past several years this person has gotten up extra early to teach an aerobics class for TPC.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s Friend of TPC award recipient and my Friend, Emma Jackson, CPP.


Special Recognition

2018 – Houston Chapter APA

The Special Recognition Award is presented to individuals or organizations whose efforts have contributed greatly to the success of The Texas Payroll Conference.

These award winners have volunteered countless hours of their time, talents or supported TPC in preparations of the Annual Conference to ensure your experience at the Texas Payroll Conference is memorable.

This year’s Special Recognition Award recipient is a long-time partner of TPC. They have consistently supported TPC, as a sponsor and with their time and efforts.

They always make a mark on the conference as both attendees and volunteers. The individuals from this organization have truly been an integral part of TPC for many, many years.

It is with great appreciation that the TPC Board of Directors recognizes the 2018 Special Recognition Award Recipient…. The Houston Chapter.


Judith Houghton Memorial Education Scholarship

2018 - Jackie Carroll, CPP

The Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship is an educational scholarship awarded annually in honor of Judith Houghton, a loyal and committed friend and supporter of the Payroll Profession and the Texas Payroll Conference. The purpose of the Judith Houghton Memorial Educational Scholarship is to recognize individuals dedicated to the payroll profession and to encourage their educational advancement through opportunities provided in the State of Texas.

This year’s recipient has been in payroll for 40 years and active in APA National, the Dallas Chapter APA and TPC for 20 years. She served as Speaker Chair during her tenure as a TPC Board Member.

She enjoys teaching Payroll principals and concepts. Her goal is to use her passion and knowledge of Payroll to attract, train, and advise others interested in becoming a Payroll professional.

This year’s recipient is Jackie Carroll, CPP.