TPPY Nominee Questionnaire

Please answer all questions completely. Each question will be reviewed and evaluated in detail by an external review committee.  Deadline is July 26th.

Section I


Section II

Submit a separate document to answer the following questions.

1. Outline your involvement in a) local chapter b) state level c) national level.

2. What has been your most significant contribution to the payroll profession and why?

3. How has payroll impacted your life or your career?

4. Outline any community service involvement during the last 5 years.

5. Describe what co-workers or friends would say about you personally and professionally.

6. What strengths do you have that would stand out as a nominee of the TPPY award?

7. What does the TPPY award mean to you?

8. Describe one of your greatest accomplishments.

9. Name the person who has most inspired or influenced you in your career and why?

10. In detail, describe your most challenging payroll experience, how you handled it and the results of your actions. 

Section III

Please provide contact information for your current supervisor or the person whom you would like contacted at your employment if you are selected as the Texas Payroll Professional of the Year.

On behalf of the TPPY Committee, we would like to thank you for all your efforts in support of the payroll profession and applaud the role you play in the profession we share. Should you have any questions, please contact the committee chair person listed below at:

Shantale Richardson, CPP
2019 President-Elect, TPPY Chair