Portfolio 5 - 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM


Coach Bob Slowik
The Wonderful World of Payroll

Payroll Team members at times have input into the strategies and tactics. This will vary from leader to leader. Each of us, regardless of our role, has sole control over the amount of effort we put into our work. 

What then does a 100% effort actually entail? Coach Slow believes you must first be certain you acquire team members who will treat their job and role as a mission.

With that in mind, a 100% effort means using every fiber of body, mind, and soul to complete your mission which involves doing the following:

  • You are taking care of your mind and body.
  • You are continuing the education needed to perform your task.
  • You are refining and disciplining the specific actions necessary to succeed in your role.
  • You stay positive in all of your work circumstances and maintain a pleasant disposition to your teammates or anyone you interact with on task.
  • You accept responsibility for attaining your goals.
  • You understand that anything worthwhile is never the easy road. It is always the hard road.
  • You also understand that this road is less traveled and it is on the journey itself you work to aquire fulfillment!


Most of us, even at the pinnacle of our payroll profession, cannot honestly say we give a 100% effort all the time. Those who do take the road less traveled of 100% effort are most certainly on their way to true achievement!