Investment 8 - 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Susan Charles, CPP
Payroll for Beginners

W-2, W-4, SSA, IRS
401(k), S125, Pre-tax, post-tax
Are you new to the Payroll Profession?

Does your position necessitate that you communicate with the Payroll department?

Make a sound investment in yourself and your career by joining us to learn insight and tools to grow professionally, increase your knowledge, and build better relationships with your team and other departments.



Carolyn Cox, CPP
Nontaxable Fringe Benefits

In this workshop, we will explore selected employer-provided fringe benefits that can be excluded from your employees’ taxable income. We’ll cover non-taxable per diem, transportation, service awards, de minimis fringe benefits, and more. W-2 reporting of non-taxable reimbursement/benefits will also be addressed just in time for year-end!




 Almira Ahmetovic - Jim Birch
Middle East & Africa Payrolls

As companies are going global, they are often expanding into locations in the Middle East and Africa. Hear about the unique requirements for these payrolls including the complexities of calculations, money movement, business continuity planning, and local compliance. Learn tactics to ensure your employees get paid accurately and on time in this region.




Gerald Whittmore, CPP
When You Are Out of Tune - Common Errors in Taxation

Don’t miss a note! Get in tune with common tax errors during payroll processing and actions to prevent them.

This class will cover some common errors that occur during payroll processing for employee and employers taxation and corrections/action to prevent them.




Brian Farrington
EEOC Basics

What you need to know about discrimination and harassment laws. Understand the basic requirements of federal anti-discrimination laws. Learn how to avoid charges of discrimination, and how to respond when you get them.




De Ann Doonan, CPP
Change Management: Lessons Learned from the Road

An ideal change management program will ensure that stakeholders understand how a change will affect them, have the support they need to make the change happen and possess the tools to overcome any challenges that may arise without too much frustration. It doesn’t matter how big or complex the organization is, or what kind of change you are driving, the best practices are the same. No matter if it’s the kind of change we love and the kind of changes we don’t, either way you slice it, to deliver a change effectively for your organization, you’ll want to use these best practices. Come join this session for a lively discussion on change and how to drive your program successfully!



Frank Tresnak
Location, Location, Location – How Geolocation Can Help in Payroll Compliance

The topic explores how location-based systems help the payroll professional. It reviews examples on time tracking by work location, geofencing, onboarding and special requirements for jurisdictions, payroll tax determination, improved scheduling options, minimum wage management, labor cost tracking, and specific areas like workers compensation, and benefits selections. A discussion of the real life example "gotchas" from the technologies wraps up the session