Investment 7 - 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM


Natalie Lopez, CPP
Child Support & Alimony

This session will focus on the support types of garnishments that are allowed by law. Learn how to calculate the appropriate amount to withhold and how to determine the priority of multiple withholding orders. Other topics covered will include employer responsibility under the law and outsourcing the garnishment process.



Teresa Mulkey, CPP
Termination Pay and Payments to Deceased Employees

In this session you will sing your way through the complex issues of final employee payments. Review both federal and state-by-state regulations on payments for terminated and deceased employees.

    • Timing of final payments based on earnings type – regular earnings, commissions, etc.
    • Earnings paid to deceased employees may need to be paid to beneficiary or estate as determined by state law.
    • How and when to report earnings to deceased employees.





Tracy Micchie
GDPR, Compliance and Global Payroll

Data protection is becoming even more important than ever before with wide reaching changes in May 2018 in Europe with GDPR legislation. How does this affect US based multinationals and the global payroll function?

GDPR – What is it and how does it affect global payroll? Join industry expert and COO of Immedis, Richard Limpkin and learn:

      • GDPR – What does it mean for global payroll?
      • Using global payroll technology to ensure GDPR compliance and the protection of sensitive data.
      • How payroll technology can protect individuals and the organization through privacy by design, encryption and pseudonymisation.
      • Your GDPR compliance checklist.



US Short Term Business Travelers

In the current environment, employees are increasingly travelling across state borders for business. Accordingly, states are much more sophisticated and stringent in enforcing laws on income tax withholding for short term business travelers. As a result, organizations face growing pressures to track employees and source income across multiple jurisdictions. Even small populations of employees who travel across state borders can trigger risks to the business.

Which populations create the most risk? What steps can minimize non-compliance? While most organizations understand the need for compliance, they are often challenged to find the information necessary to design accurate procedures surrounding growing complexity for workforce mobility.

We cordially invite you to explore these concepts as we discuss the challenges and trends impacting US Short Term Business Travelers.



Brian Farrington
FLSA – Exempt Employees

FLSA – Exempt Employees—Misclassification of employees as salaried exempt is the most common violation of the wage and hour law. Understand both the salary and duties requirements for the executive, administrative, professional, and outside sales exemptions.





Emma Jackson, CPP
Making Your Supervisory Skills “A Sound Investment”

Were you promoted to a Supervisor position based on your job knowledge but lack the appropriate tools to be an effective manager? You are not alone. A 2017 Gallup poll considers a good manager a valuable employee benefit. Learn why people leave managers, not companies and how your style can attract and keep the best staff.





Brian Slowik
Streamlining Payroll With Next Generation Payments and Disbursements

Is the paper check dead? Are there technologies you should be exploring to help you streamline payments in your business? Are you leveraging technology that could help you eliminate paper checks and cash entirely from your day to day work flow? Join rapid! Paycard’s founder, Brian Slowik, in exploring ideas and technologies that could help you streamline your process when it comes to paying wages and tips electronically, and allow you to attract and retain the highest quality employees.