Investment 6 - 9:45 AM - 11:15 AM


Susan Charles, CPP
Calculations 101

FLSA - what and why
Regular rate versus Premium rate
Shift Differentials
Piece work rates
Wage-Bracket Federal Taxes/Circular E

Join us as we begin the journey into your professional investment. If you are planning to take the FPC, please don't miss this workshop. Bring your calculator!



Gerald Whittmore, CPP
Conducting the Symphony of Payroll Audit Reports

This class will help you keep all of the audit instruments in sync by showing how to create and use various reports to ensure accuracy of your payroll processing symphony.






Danita Lewis
Global Change Management

In this session, we will discuss the top three investments to make when looking at change management: People, Processes, and Technology. Successful change management begins and ends with people. Employees will support change when you create ‘buy-in’ to what needs changing. People will especially support what they help create, whether it’s through contributing ideas or leading the charge. When investing in a change to processes and technology, it is important to make sure your investment is well-spent by getting the support of the people who will be impacted the most.



Mergers & Acquisitions

A wide range of employment tax issues arise in the planning, implementation and post-implementation phases of a merger or acquisition. Employers must address due diligence, new business registration and account closing for state and local income and unemployment tax, and post-implementation review, including refund studies. Even small transactions can trigger significant issues.

What is the difference between an asset and stock acquisition? What is considered common ownership, management and control? What is a successor employer for W-2 reporting purposes? While most organizations understand the basics, they are often challenged on implementation by the speed in which a transaction closes.

We cordially invite you to explore these concepts as we discuss the challenges and trends impacting Mergers and Acquisitions.



Brian Farrington
FLSA – Nonexempt Employees

Covers the nuts and bolts of wage and hour compliance—minimum wage, including the new enforcement position on sharing tips; how to compute overtime when compensation includes bonuses, commissions, piece rates, etc.; what constitutes compensable work time, including meals and breaks, travel time, etc.





Carolyn Cox, CPP & Natalie Lopez, CPP
Disaster Recovery

No matter the degree of your disaster, payroll departments have a great need to implement business continuity plans to ensure employees continue to be paid timely and accurately. Then in the aftermath of a disaster what tax relief federal and state agencies have provided to help employees and employers in their recovery efforts. In this session, we will cover how to make a disaster recovery plan, who should be involved in your plan, and circumstances where employers can make disaster relief payments to employees.




Keith Webb
Reinventing Payroll & HR: Designing for the Workforce of Tomorrow

The workplace is changing. Once dominated by the baby boomer generation, the labor force is being filled with Millennials. At more than 80 million strong, this is the largest American generation since 1960. What’s more, Millennials have a completely different career agenda than their boomer predecessors. Be prepared to make some significant changes to your old talent management and career progression models or be left behind in the war for talent. 

  • Learn how to re-position recruiting to an engaging experience
  • Identify the top 3 essentials in HCM for ALL generations
  • Leave with three critical “must-do” tasks to prepare for success