Investment 4 - 5:15 PM - 6:45 PM


Karen Davidson, CPP
Circular E (Publication 15) – A Useful Guide for the New and Seasoned Payroll and HR Professional

During this session we will take an in depth review of the following topics discussed in the Circular E .

              • The purpose and timing of new hire reporting and worker eligibility
              • Employer responsibilities
              • Employee vs. independent contractor – significant differences and withholding requirements, purpose of W4
              • Types of wages (regular and supplemental) and how it should be taxed
              • Tax deposits and penalties
              • Forms 940, 941, and 944 – quarterly and annually reporting requirements
              • Tax tables – percentage and wage bracket – Which method does your payroll software use
              • How to calculate federal taxes using the percentage method – several examples using various tables



Robert Swingler, CPP
Payroll Reconciliation to Your Journal Entries

Look like a CPA when compiling, recording and reconciling your Payroll Journal Entries. For beginner or intermediate payroll booking, this is not your normal payroll accounting class. This class focuses on understanding the accounts, doing Journal Entries and understanding how to do faster account reconciliations for your month-end, quarter-end and year-end recons. We will go over: the basic JE, the complex JE, the year-end JEs and the prior quarter JEs. You will learn imputed bookings, annual bookings, correcting JEs.

  1. Understanding accounts and how the numbers flow. BS accounts, Expense accounts, and Employer Cost accounts.
  2. The run down on the different types of codes: Earning, Deduction, and Tax codes.
  3. Reconciling: Which payroll reports to run, what time frames to run them, and which type of reconciliation worksheet to utilize?



Natalie Lopez, CPP
Canadian Payroll: A Provincial Approach

Need to know how overtime rules vary from Alberta to British Colombia? This session will cover the complexities of Canadian payroll from a provincial approach. We will cover topics such as overtime, vacation, workers compensation, terminations, benefits and taxes for each province. We will discuss the following topics - comparison by province of employment standards, high level overview of Federal employment standards, and resources to get updates for provincial employment standards and workers compensation.



Teresa Mulkey, CPP
Fundamentals of Stock Compensation for Newcomers

Is this your first stock compensation musical? No need to play off-key as this session was designed with you in mind. Join others new to the fabulous world of stock compensation as we learn:

  • What is considered taxable stock compensation?
  • When is it taxable?
  • How is it reported?



Rori Carney & Thomas Mudd
<Best Practices in the Unemployment Claims and Hearing Process

This presentation will educate the audience on developing “Best Practice” standards as it relates to their unemployment claims and hearings process. This seminar breaks down the various separation categories and illustrates effective methods which produce the most favorable outcomes when dealing with the unemployment claims process.

              • Why Fight Unemployment Claims, The Importance?
              • Identifying Quality Claims to Protest
              • Developing Best Practice Approach to Contesting
              • Hearing Appeal Process & Your Participation



Susan Charles, CPP
Record Retention

Too many records
Different types of records
Different retention requirements
There are pitfalls
Dos and Don’ts



De Ann Doonan, CPP
Implementation Best Practices

With the right amount of planning, implementing and monitoring, a project can be delivered on time, on budget and with the high quality results your leadership is expecting. There are so many reasons why a project may fail; unrealistic expectations, poor project planning, incomplete business requirements or an inadequate number of resources. However these pitfalls can be avoided by adopting 5 best practices. Come join this interactive session to learn and share best practices that will set yourself and your team up for success!