Investment 3 - 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Karen Davidson, CPP
Preparing for the CPP/FPC

            • What are the personal and career benefits of taking the FPC/CPP Exam?
            • What can I expect on the exam?
            • Need some practical advice for test-taking?

Join us for information about the certification process, test taking strategies, what to study, and some sample test questions.




Carolyn Cox, CPP
Taxable Fringe Benefits

To withhold or not to withhold? How are you taxing your company auto allowance, per diem housing and moving allowances and other “fringe benefits?” What happens if your company reimburses more than the Federal limits for a non-taxable benefit? You will walk away with information you need to ensure your company is compliant.





Tracy Micchie
The Future of Global Payroll Technology

Like all businesses, the payroll industry continuously seeks new ways to introduce improvement and innovation. With payroll information being one of the most accurate sources of data, this provides real time information to employers that can assist with intelligence-led approaches to business decision-making. Join Richard Limpkin, COO of Immedis as he discusses how AI, RPA, chat bots and more will impact the global payroll industry in the future:

            • Using integration between HCM, payroll, and finance systems to simplify your global payroll operations
            • The impact of automation & workflow on payroll team skills and competencies
            • Predictive analytics, data visualization & reporting - the new norm?



Teresa Mulkey, CPP
Overpayments and Back Pay Agreements

This class focuses on the intricacies of overpayments and back pay agreements. You will learn when you can and cannot recoup overpayments, the preferred methods of repayment, and how to properly tax and report overpayments and repayments.



Samantha Alonso -  Veronica McGeachy
Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, Form I-9 Employer Compliance Audits and Fines & IMAGE Program



Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Completion of the revised Form I-9
  • Storage and Retention
  • Self-Audits and Form I-9 Corrections


Form I-9 Employer Compliance Audits and FInes
  • Overview of the Homeland Security Investigations I-9 Audit Process
  • Explanation of Violations and Fines
  • Electronic Forms I-9


IMAGE Program
  • Benefits to Company
  • Membership Process
  • Best Employment Practices



Emma Jackson, CPP
Coaching to Improve Performance - "Pitching" Your Message in the Right Key

Is your effort to improve your team’s performance striking the wrong chord? Positive feedback through coaching can help a team member improve their skills, meet company goals and objectives and achieve personal success. Managers using effective coaching techniques get team members assistance in resolving differences, pride in job and becoming a team player. Come discover why managers fail, ways to identify performance issues, practical application of motivational ideas to get the best from every employee.



Robert Swingler, CPP
Principles of Writing Reports

For beginner or intermediate report writers this class will deliver a wide range of business report skills. We will dive into planning and organizing a report. We will go into detailed expressions and when to use them. We will discuss what types of data are out there and how to better pull this data together. It does not matter what report writer you use, these techniques can be utilized for all report writer systems.

            1. Wide range of business report writing skills
            2. Planning, organizing, expression building, techniques to produce more efficient report writing.
            3. Presentation and functionality of your report: Prompts, Logos, Mail Merge (i.e.: Term Letters for Garnishments)