Investment 12 - 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Paul Gill, CPP
50 Shades of Payroll Passion

50 Shades of Payroll - Unleash Your Passion for Payroll! Tap into your passion for payroll with this presentation that focuses on payroll having a lot of moving parts, 50 plus, and will hone in on Customer Service, Payroll Management and how to lead a successful team. It has a theme throughout the talk to encourage the attendee to develop yourself which will in turn develop your career!

  1. Payroll is more than pushing an “Easy Button” and has many moving parts.
  2. Focus on Customer Service with a fun and different approach that is easy to remember.
  3. Discuss payroll management and leadership with a focus on teamwork.
  4. Personal and professional development that will lead you to career and advancement.




Valery Noakes, CPP
California Payroll 201

The speed of the rhythm increases in this sessions as we review and discuss advanced topics related to California payroll processing. Unveil the mysteries of California payrolls that all employers need to know with group discussion




Amber Morris
Simplifying Global Payroll Operations Across Teams, Countries, Entities, and Systems

Managing an international payroll process can prove exceptionally difficult when cultural, language, and time-zone differences exist. This layer adds complexity to ever-changing employment and tax legislation. The challenge can be exacerbated when dealing with multiple providers in different jurisdictions, and can add to time and compliance costs for your organization. If the providers don’t speak your language, how can you ensure transparency through the entire process?

Dave Leboff, President of US Operations of Immedis as he shares insights on how to simplify your global payroll operations:

  • Compliance and delivery
  • Consolidation and management
  • Technology and systems integration
  • Global payments & currency challenges




Bruce Phipps, CPP
Local Taxes OH & PA

Learn the secret to the rhythm of the local taxes for Ohio and Pennsylvania. This class will review changes to PA Act 32 and any changes in the Ohio taxes. You will amaze and excel in the dance of the complicated tasks of compliance, filing and annual reconciliations as you as you move to the rhythm making them to appear easy.




Karen Ward, CPP
State Disability & Family Leave Programs

Are you a multi-state Employer or thinking about expanding your business footprint in another state? If so then you need to stop by this session without doubt! Learn about additional rules that need to be observed when it comes to disability plans & programs, rules & regulations, and even some opportunities that Tax Reform is promoting.




Susan Charles, CPP
Location – Location – Location –That’s the New Question

Does your employer allow virtual employment?
Is your employer considering this?
Any employee or certain positions?
Home Based or Work from Home?
Full Time or As Needed?
Many companies allow or offer this option – some are considering this and wonder, “Is this a good fit for us?” Come to this interactive workshop and join us as we discuss the pros and cons, the opportunities and the pitfalls so you and your management can make the best decision for your organization. Bring your experience and questions.




Rahul Lakhanpal
How Digitization Will Impact Payroll

Digitization is changing the way companies do business around the globe. In fact, it will drastically change the payroll organization and leaders need to understand what should be considered when building a digitization strategy for payroll. During this session we will cover the following:

  • The Digital Opportunity for Payroll.
  • The Role of Data Scientist in Payroll.
  • How Digitization:
    • Will Change Inputs into Payroll.
    • Will Impact Outsourcing in Payroll Providers Features and Functionality.
    • What Payroll Leaders Need to Do to Prepare for a Digitized Payroll Organization.