Investment 11 - 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM


Valery Noakes, CPP
California Payroll 101

In this session, learn the rhythm and moves for California payroll processing by identifying legislative updates and understanding what has changed in taxes. We will review labor codes that impact how we process payroll for these employees.





Carolyn Cox, CPP & Natalie Lopez, CPP
Payroll Accounting

Why is accounting a dreaded part of the payroll process? Join this session to understand how payroll information is critical for feeding the general ledger, cost distribution systems, creating management reports and financial statements in every company. We will discuss terminology, journal entries, accruals, reconciliations and audits. You will leave with an understanding of how payroll impacts the financial statements!




 Almira Ahmetovic - Jim Birch
 Global Money Moving Mania

Have to pay people in Europe? Need to transfer money to Africa for payroll taxes? Wondering how long it takes to send funds to Taiwan? Wondering why your wire transfer failed? Are you confused by KYC, OFAC and other compliance programs? Then this is the class for you! We will explore the complexity, timelines, compliance, and government regulations related to the movement of money globally.




Gerald Whittmore, CPP
W-2 Reconciliation Process

In this session, we will share W-2 reconciliation process best practices. What can we do quarterly to help make W-2 reconciliation go seamlessly at year end? What can be done today to prevent W-2C’s in February?






Karen Ward, CPP
Cafeteria Plans

Looking to better understand section 125 Cafeteria plans and how they are still a great option for businesses to offer their Employees? For most items in a plan, it could be an instant Tax Reduction for those who participate!! Stop by to get the latest information on a great benefit for your employees. (Covers: eligible items, taxation rules, reporting).




Kathy Phillips, CPP
Giving Constructive Feedback

Providing constructive (not destructive) feedback is essential in helping others achieve their maximum potential. Come explore with us how to provide constructive feedback as an essential tool to help build trust, correct a course and help develop others. We will explore the dos and don'ts for providing sincere, specific and timely feedback. Come prepared to share your best and worst scenarios to help apply our formula for success.





Trey Watts
DOL Compliance: Is Your Organization at Risk?

How do organizations stay in the green while maintaining federal and state compliance? Labor regulations, budget restrictions, and a competitive recruiting market have made growth more challenging than ever. The right labor management tools should guide administrators with simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Automated labor controls should also help private businesses, public agencies, and non-profits ensure compliance with FLSA, FMLA, and ACA, all while delivering business-critical information in real time. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to paper time cards, or disenchanted with your current solution, visit us during this session to learn how proper workforce management will help your organization.

  • Manage what matters with action-driven, customizable dashboards
  • Handle exceptions and approvals with centralized reporting tools
  • Control costs and minimize compliance risks with FLSA and ACA-specific tools
  • Eliminate human error and payroll costs with payroll integration