Investment 10 - 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM


Natalie Lopez, CPP
Garnishments and Other Wage Attachments

This session will focus on the non-support types of garnishments and wage attachments that are allowed by law. Learn how to identify each, calculate the appropriate amount to withhold, and how to determine the priority of multiple withholding orders. Other topics covered will include employer responsibility under the law and outsourcing the garnishment process.



Susan Charles, CPP
Calculations 201

Gross to Net
Hospital Worker Calculations
In-depth Percentage Method Calculations
Gross-Ups – 401(k) – S/S limits
Garnishments and Federal Levies

All of this and more will be covered in this workshop. If calculations are the one thing that is standing between you and the CPP, please join us. Bring your shades as light bulbs will be going off at a fast clip!




Danita Lewis
When Companies Go Global

Do you process payroll for an international company? Maybe you’re hearing rumors that your company is going global in the near future? In this session, we will explore what ‘going global’ means in payroll, and discuss some of the differences between U.S. payroll and global payroll. We will also discuss best practices for simplifying the process, allowing payroll personnel to spend their time in more strategic and analytical roles. What are some of the ways companies can avoid pitfalls and meet the complex requirements of global payroll?




Bruce Phipps, CPP
Local Taxes A to Z

Learn the secret tune of the local taxes for Ohio and Pennsylvania. This class will review changes to PA Act 32 and any changes in the Ohio taxes. You will amaze and excel in the dance of the complicated tasks of compliance, filing and annual reconciliations as you as you move to the rhythm making them to appear easy.




Jill Silman Chapman,SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MS-HRM
The Future of Talent Acquisition and Management: What Matters to Tomorrow’s Workforce Matters Today

Every successful business knows it’s only as good as its employees, and currently, it’s a candidate’s market. Potential candidates know that the engagement drivers that employees need most are top-of-mind in their work culture. While this starts with the recruiting process, it must continue throughout hiring, onboarding and workforce management.

In today’s workplace, the balance of power is shifting. Gen X, Y and Z currently make up 85% of the workforce. By 2025, millennials alone will constitute 75 percent. Despite this shift in power, the talent acquisition and management drivers remain the same among workers of differing generations.

There are a number of things people expect at work. Everyone wants leaders who are trustworthy. No one wants change. We all want feedback. We all want respect. And, we all want to learn. However, employers must learn to tailor their message to a multi-generational workforce, as each generation’s perception and acceptance will depend upon the delivery method.

In this presentation, we’ll look at these issues under a microscope, and discuss their importance in today’s workforce.



Kathy Phillips, CPP
Leadership – It is A Sound Investment!!

Come join us as we explore how to be an effective leader within your organization. It is not about having the right title or job or corner office. It is all about demonstrating the key characteristics of an ethical, trustworthy and strong leader in every situation.

This interactive workshop will examine:

  • The characteristics of a leader
  • The difference between a boss and a leader
  • Communicating up, down, and across
  • Effectively manage conflict
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion



 Rahul Lakhanpal - Rose Senior, B.Com, CPM , CPP, PHR, SHRM-CP
 Payroll Maturity Scale and How to Evaluate Payroll Technology

 Curious to know where you are on the payroll maturity scale and what that means for your company? Assess where you are today and where you should be going next.   Learn how to evaluate technology needs along your evolutionary journey. Hear from customers on how they went from one stage to the next. Leave with a payroll   maturity scale and technology evaluation matrix.