2017 Session Descriptions


Wednesday, September 20, 2017 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?
Kelly Swanson - Speaker 

Kelly opens our conference by taking us on a delightful adventure through her life – the path that led her to the stage - and how she found her happier ever after. Laugh, be inspired, and get a fresh perspective on your own life as you learn Kelly’s six secrets for rewriting your inner script to help you deal with stress and change so that you and your teams can be more productive and more positive – laughing the whole way.  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm

Roundtable Discussion – School Districts
Emma Jackson, CPP – Sr. Payroll Services Manager, North East ISD

Interactive session that will discuss how Fair Labor Standards Act, compensatory time, FICA are handled differently in the school business environment.

Roundtable Discussion – Public Sector
Karen Ward, CPP – Payroll Tax & Analyst Supervisor, Southwest Airlines Co

Join us for a magical, interactive round table discussion about overpayments in the Public Sector. While overpayments are scary enough in the Corporate/Private sectors, there isn't as much leeway in the Public Sector, especially in Texas.  Stop by this spellbinding session, where you will hear what is allowed and how others handle these overpayments.

Abracadabra: Giving Constructive Feedback 
Kathy Phillips, CPP – Director of Operations, Meredith CPAs

Take the ‘hocus pocus’ out of giving constructive feedback …. Come explore with us how to use your magical charm to provide constructive feedback as an essential tool to help build trust, correct a course and develop others.   We will explore the dos and don’ts for providing sincere, specific and timely feedback.  Come prepared to share your best and worst scenarios to help apply our formula for success.  

Round Table with Labor Lawyer
Brian T. Farrington – Shareholder, Cowles & Thompson

Quiz the Amazing Payroll Magician:  In this one hour round table, the discussion topics will be fashioned by you.  Can you stump the Payroll Magician? Upon registering, you will submit a question that you would like Brian Farrington to address.  There will be limited seating, so don’t miss out on your chance to get the answer to that one question that has eluded you. 

W2 Reconciliation Process
Gerald Whittmore, CPP – Vice President of Payroll, Conduent Business Services

In this session, we will share W2 reconciliation process best practices. What can we do quarterly to help make W2 reconciliation go seamlessly at year end? What can be done today to prevent W-2c’s in February?

Customer Service for Payroll Professional
Taunya Fritzsching, CPP – Payroll Supervisor, Noble Energy, Inc.

Customer service is heavy-duty work because of the psychological energy in consumes. This workshop, we will set the stage for achieving exceptional customer service by helping you develop top-notch communication, active listening, and social media skills. Additionally, you’ll get strategies for handling the types of customer contacts you are most likely to experience in payroll, such as dealing with the angry employee and delivering bad news. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Canadian Payrolls
Natalie Lopez, CPP – Sr. Payroll Manager Global, American Bureau of Shipping

Attend this session to learn the differences between Canadian and US: Province and State payrolls. We will discuss the nuances surrounding the T4, ROE's, CPP, EI, and CRA.

Texas Three Step; the Magic Dance Between Child Support and Employers.
Amy Pfluger - Employer Outreach Coordinator, for the Texas Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Division

Employers are the stars of the show when it comes to making a difference in a family’s ability to be financially stable by collecting 80% of $4.2 billion in child support last year. The Texas Three Step guides employers through their responsibilities so employers don’t miss a beat. This session will cover employers’ responsibilities to Child Support Division, updates from the 85th legislative session and new tips and tricks to comply.

The Texas Three Step shows employers that by complying with these three things; compliance with the statues will work like magic.

 - New Hire Reporting
 - Compliance with IWO, VOEL, and NMSN
 - Termination Reporting                       

Building a Cohesive Team – The Magic Portion
Kathy Phillips, CPP – Director of Operations, Meredith CPAs

Good teams do not just happen – they are formed and cultivated through good leadership.  Trust is the secret potion that builds the foundation of a strong cohesive team.   We will explore the dynamics of a cohesive team including the role of the leader; the team vision; resolving conflict within the team; and how to recognize and reward success. 

Budgeting 101
Taunya Fritzsching, CPP – Payroll Supervisor, Noble Energy, Inc. 

Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or running a payroll department, you need understand your cost and how to allocate funds.  The hardest part of creating a budget is sitting down and actually creating one.  In the session, we will discuss what to include in your payroll budget.

Payroll Accounting
Carolyn Cox, CPP - Americas Payroll Manager, McDermott, Inc.

Why is accounting a dreaded part of the payroll process? Join this session to understand how payroll information is critical for feeding the general ledger and cost distribution systems, and creating management reports and financial statements in every company. We will discuss terminology, journal entries, accruals, reconciliations and audits.  You will leave with an understanding of how payroll impacts the financial statements!

Labor & Employment Law – Hot Topics
Brian T. Farrington – Shareholder, Cowles & Thompson

This session will cover trends in employment law, including enforcement by agencies and the courts, on a variety of human resources issues, including interviewing and selection of employees, wage and hour challenges, terminating employees, managing employees with medical conditions, and a variety of other topics HR professionals will face in 2017 and beyond.  The focus of the session will be on managing risk and watching for issues that commonly lead to claims and litigation in this area.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017 5:15pm – 7:00 pm
Breast Cancer Survivor Reception

What Shoe Are You?
Lori Randall – Speaker

This fast paced, laughter loaded session introduces and enlightens you audience to the simple techniques of understanding and harmoniously working with others.  Through a quick evaluation tool and detailed, audience interactive discussion, Lori will take your group on a journey of self-discovery and better teamwork.  The actionable steps they take away can be put to use the very same day!We Will Explore:

 - The attention seeking, zany, haphazard adventures of the CLOWN SHOE
 - The cautious, orderly, well chartered course of the ALL BUSINESS SHOE
 - The commanding, gutsy, no holds barred drive of the COMBAT BOOT
 - The laid back, slow paced, meandering stroll of the HOUSE SHOE

We Also Discover:

 - BUFF & POLISH TIPS  to make each “shoe” more relatable and easier to get along with
 - SURVIVAL TIPS  for dealing with each Shoe to create more peace
 - VISUAL CLUES for identifying which Shoes are present so teamwork is simple
 - COMMUNICATION TIPS  to generate greater understanding among differing Shoes

Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:00 am – 9:30 am

Preparing for the CPP/FPC Exam
Karen Davidson, CPP – Deputy Assistant Director of Payroll Services, City of Houston

What are the personal and career benefits of taking the FPC/CPP Exam?

 - What can I expect on the exam?
 - Need some practical advice for test-taking?

Join us for information about the certification process, test taking strategies, what to study, and some sample test questions.

No Magic Required – Coaching to Improve Performance
Emma Jackson, CPP – Sr. Payroll Services Manager, North East ISD

This class is designed to give insights to coaching your team to improve their performance where an issue may exist.  It also could help a team member that is an effective contributor to become even more effective.  Coaching can help a team member to continuously improve their skills, experience, and ability to contribute.  Time has shown that managers who work with their team by coaching, see an increasing result in the success of the team members, an increase in their skills and the potential opportunities for promotion.

New York Paycard Legislation & the National Impact
Brian Slowik - Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Operations, rapid! PayCard      

Summary of the recent changes New York Paycard Legislation & the National Impact

 - How to use paycards within the new legislative requirements including how to handle the   required waiting period with paycards along with the multitude of other requirements
 - Why other providers will no longer offer their program in NY and what makes it difficult for providers to abide to the new legislation

Using LinkedIn for Better Networking Results
Ellen Loomstein - Consultant, Career Partners Inc.

Networking – The importance of networking to help your professional growth.

Projects:  Deliver on Time!
De Ann Doonan, CPP – Director of Global Payroll, Maxim Integrated Products

Implementing new processes, tools or systems?  Working with multiple departments or teams?  Tasked with reporting progress to leadership?  Managing projects requires a different skill set.  Attend this class to learn the basics or to just ask questions. 

In this class we will discuss:

 - Phases of a project
 - Steering Committees
 - Status updates to Executives
 - Reporting tools:  Timelines, Charters & Risk Registers

Taxable Fringe Benefits
Carolyn Cox, CPP - Americas Payroll Manager, McDermott, Inc.

To withhold or not to withhold? How are you taxing your company auto allowance, per diem housing and moving allowances and other “fringe benefits”?  What happens if you company reimburses more than the Federal limits for a non-taxable benefit?  You will walk away with information you need to ensure your company is in compliance. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017 9:45 am – 11:15 am

Global Compliance It’s Now About The Money, The Data & The Automation
Michele M. Honomichl - Founder, Executive Chairman, & Chief Strategy Officer, Celergo
Kira Rubiano - Senior Partner Management Specialist, Celergo

Compliance is ever changing in the global environment from Brazil to the European Union, therefore companies need to ensure they are up to date with the latest global and local initiatives.  Payroll professionals today are not only required to manage compliance at a local payroll level, but also must adhere to global standards including OFAC, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, European Data Privacy and others.  Additionally countries are statutorily requiring automated, real time, information on various aspects of the payroll process.  Learn about the requirements of these programs and tactics to ensure your company is mitigating its global exposure.

Best Practices for Password Security and Using New Web Technologies
Frank Tresnak – Symmetry Software 

The topic will help attendees better understand how their password selections affect the security of their work and home Internet transactions, new ways to manage their security information, and explore new web-based technologies they can use at work and at home.

 - Building a security habit/practice of using strong passwords
 - Options for tracking and managing your access points and passwords. Also managing access for your team that can see personal information when a transition occurs
 - Using new technologies to better communicate at work and home
 - Prepare for new services and technologies that will affect how payroll is completed

Magic Potion 101-California Payroll
Valery Noakes, CPP – Consultant

In this session, learn the magic potion for California payroll processing by identifying legislative updates and understanding what has changed in taxes. We will review labor codes that impact how we process payroll for these employees.

Circular E (Publication 15) – A Useful Guide for the New and Seasoned Payroll and HR Professional
Karen Davidson, CPP – Deputy Asst Director of Payroll Services, City of Houston

During this session we will take an in depth review of the following topics discussed in the Circular E

 - The purpose and timing of new hire reporting and worker eligibility
 - Employer responsibilities
 - Employee vs independent contractor – significant differences and withholding requirements, purpose of W4
 - Types of wages (regular and supplemental) and how it should be taxed
 - Tax deposits and penalties
 - Forms 940, 941 and 944 – quarterly and annually reporting requirements
 - Tax tables – percentage and wage bracket – Which method does your payroll software uses
 - How to calculate federal taxes using the percentage method – several examples using various tables

Garnishments and Other Wage Attachments
Teresa Mulkey, CPP - Senior Manager, Global Payroll Strategy – Celanese

This session concentrates on the various types of garnishments and wage attachments that are allowed under the law. Learn how to identify each, determine the appropriate amount to withhold, and how to ascertain priority of multiple withholding orders. Other topics covered will include employer responsibility under the law and outsourcing the garnishment process.

FLSA - What You Need to Know
Brian T. Farrington – Shareholder, Cowles & Thompson

The 1938 FLSA continues to plague employers with administrative complexity. Wage-hour challenges include minimum wage, overtime pay, inclusion of bonus payments in the regular rate, and accounting for meals, breaks and travel time. This timely session will cover relevant court decisions, regulations, and other perennial FLSA issues. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017 1:45 pm – 3:15 pm

The Challenges of Managing 5 - Generations in the Workplace
Meghan Tyer - Millennial, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Kathy Phillips, CPP - Baby Boomer, Meredith CPAs

For the first time in history, we have five generations in the workplace. Every worker comes with their own set of experiences, perspectives and biases.  In this interactive workshop, Meghan and Kathy will explore the keys to success for managing diversity within these multi-generational teams by highlighting some of the common differences and attempting to dispel some of the common myths. 

Taxation of Mobile Workers
Cindy Bedford – Senior Manager, Deloitte
Katrina Champeny – Manager, Deloitte

Hypothetical tax, certificates of coverage, shadow payroll, gross-ups, equalizations—the concepts around expatriate tax can stump even the most seasoned payroll manager.  Why are some expats subject to hypothetical tax while others are not?  Who calculates gross-ups, and how?  Why do these mechanisms exist in the first place?  Join us to learn the fundamentals of mobile employee taxation and discuss leading practices to maintain compliance for this challenging population.

Global Payroll - Regional Focus
Michele M. Honomichl - Founder, Executive Chairman, & Chief Strategy Officer, Celergo
Kira Rubiano - Senior Partner Management Specialist, Celergo

Ever wonder how other regions of the world calculate payroll?  Then this session is for you!  Come learn about the requirements for payroll setup, timing, calculations, compliance, and filing for Asia Pacific, Middle East Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Calculations 101
Susan Charles, CPP - Payroll Supervisor, Sabre

 - Do paycheck calculations give you nightmares?
 - Do you want to disappear when asked to explain a paycheck?
 - Feel like you are in a haunted house trying to get your CPP?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, run don’t walk to this session!   Payroll calculations aren’t hocus pocus.   Attendees will be given the art of the deal information on these areas and more.  Make calculating paychecks an impromptu trick.  You owe it to yourself to add your own magic dust to your career.
***Bring a battery-operated calculator

Managing a Successful Virtual team
Gerald Whittmore, CPP – Vice President of Payroll, Conduent Business Services

When it comes to the success of a virtual team, the buck stops with the leader.  If managed effectively, virtual teams can increase productivity, help to meet organizational goals, improve the quality of the work, and be used to attract and retain top talent. But there are a host of unique challenges to leading virtual and remote teams that can hinder their success.

Get ready to get a proven process and timely tips to help you in navigating the complex management of these unique teams!  Learn how to build trust within the team, manage conflicts when team members lack the ability to interact face-to-face, motivate, and review performance and set expectations for success.

Social Media - How It Can Affect Your Job
Brian T. Farrington – Shareholder, Cowles & Thompson

This session will focus on the dramatic rebirth of union law in the non-union workplace as a result of the National Labor Relations Board’s recent activity regarding employee social media activity, insubordination in the workplace, and the attack on employer policies.   We will take a look at how discipline, enforcement of standard policies, and seemingly innocent expectations of employers are now under fire by the NLRB, regardless of whether or not an employer has any unionized employees. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Payroll Essentials for Stock Compensation
Matthew Ort - Senior Manager, Ernst & Young National Tax Department
Ken Fitzgerald - Staff Employment Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services
Joe Grimes - Staff Employment Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services

This session will focus on tax issues related to stock and stock options including proper withholding and reporting.

Approaches to Global Pay Delivery
Laura Sandford, Senior Manager - Deloitte
Katrina Champeny, Manager - Deloitte

What is the “right” place to pay an international assignee or transferee: home payroll, host payroll, dedicated international payroll, GEO/GEC, or perhaps a combination of these choices?   Which option is the least expensive to the company, and/or the most attractive to employees?  Join us to learn about common approaches to global pay delivery and the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Dealing with Difficult People
Emma Jackson, CPP – Sr. Payroll Services Manager, North East ISD 

Are difficult situations creating difficult people? Recognize the differences and how to effectively deal with that difficult person.

Calculations 201
Susan Charles, CPP - Payroll Supervisor, Sabre

 - Can you get from Gross to Net without a wand?
 - Do you know what tools are needed to calculate a gross-up?
 - Are you the Houdini on paycheck taxes; maximums and limits?

If you answered No to any of these questions, attend this session and take the illusion out of calculations. We’ll continue on from the Calculations 101 session and SHAZAM – you can leave your mark on what is the Magic of Payroll.   Come join us for a session you won’t soon forget.
***Bring a battery-operated calculator

Meaningful Metrics
Gerald Whittmore, CPP – Vice President of Payroll, Conduent Business Services

Meeting with your Manager to discuss productivity and efficiency? Need to prove that your process is successful or that your recent implementation is stabilized? How do you measure productivity and efficiency within your organization without having someone dedicated solely to the process? Join us for this presentation and we’ll show you how! Learn to talk-the-talk of your Executive Director or your CFO to successfully communicate quality, production and efficiency.

Non-Taxable Fringe Benefits
Carolyn Cox, CPP - Americas Payroll Manager, McDermott, Inc.

This workshop, we will explore selected employer provided fringe benefits that can be excluded from your employees’ taxable income.   We’ll cover non-taxable per diem transportation, service awards, de minimis benefits, and more.  W-2 reporting of non-taxable reimbursement/benefits will also be addressed just in time for Year-End! 

Friday, September 22, 2017 8:30 am to 10:00 am 

Using Emotional Intelligence to Get Results
Martin Armstrong, CPP, MBA, DBA - Vice President, Payroll Shared Services, Charter Communications  

Emotional Intelligence describes the ability, skill, and capacity to effectively understand oneself and others, adapt to change, and acclimate to existing environments. This session is a must-attend as we will discuss critical leadership behaviors that are necessary to manage and influence those that you depend on for the success or failure of your career.  

Friday, September 22, 2017 10:15 am – 11:45 am 

Shadow Payrolls
Matthew Ort - Senior Manager, Ernst & Young National Tax Department
Ken Fitzgerald -Staff Employment Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services
Joe Grimes -Staff Employment Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services

Shadow payrolls are complex strategies for compensating expatriates that require extensive coordination between international HR professionals, payroll teams, service providers, and assignees. In this session, we will discuss what a shadow payroll is and how they are calculated.

Reinventing Payroll & HR: Designing for the Workforce of Tomorrow
Keith Webb - Vice President Technology Consulting, Ultimate Software 

The workplace is changing. Once dominated by the baby boomer generation, the labor force is being filled with Millennials. At more than 80 million strong, this is the largest American generation since 1960. What’s more, Millennials have a completely different career agenda than their boomer predecessors. Be prepared to make some significant changes to your old talent management and career progression models or be left behind in the war for talent.

 - Learn how to re-position recruiting to an engaging experience
 - Identify the top 3 essentials in HCM for ALL generations
 - Leave with three critical “must-do” tasks to prepare for success

Moving Payroll to the Cloud
Joe Wilson - Manager Enterprise Architects, Workday

This course will help set payroll professionals at ease in regard to moving payroll to the cloud. Presentation will include discussion around security and system infrastructure in terms of keeping data safe. There will also be information presented around cost savings and advantages to deploying a Saas solution

 - Alleviate fear of moving payroll to the cloud
 - Discuss security
 - Advantages of a Saas model

Local Taxes OH & PA
Bruce Phipps, CPP - Principal Product Manager/US Legislative Analyst, Oracle

Learn the secret to the magic of the local taxes for Ohio and Pennsylvania. This class will review changes to PA Act 32 and any changes in the Ohio taxes.  You will amaze and excel in the illusion of the complicated tasks of compliance, filing and annual reconciliations as you magically make them to appear easy. 

Cafeteria Plans
Karen Ward, CPP - Payroll Tax & Analyst Supervisor, Southwest Airlines Co.

Are you haunted by Cafeteria Plans? Do they seem diabolical at times? If you answered "YES" to either or both of these questions, then you'll want to sign up for this enchanting session that will put all your fears to rest. You will get up to date information on the latest and greatest of Cafeteria plans from what can be offered, to taxation as well as reporting.  After this session, you'll be considered a clairvoyant on this topic - keeping everyone compliant!

Communicating Payroll Issues to Employees and Management
Gerald Whittmore, CPP – Vice President of Payroll, Conduent Business Services

So you have discovered a mistake on the calculation of an employee’s paycheck?  In this session, we will learn how to help the employee understand how this issue affected their pay and how it will be corrected.  The most important thing will be to reassure them that you have everything under control to prevent this from happening again. 

Friday, September 22, 2017 1:45 pm – 3:15 pm

US Short Term Business Travelers
Matthew Ort - Senior Manager, Ernst & Young National Tax Department
Ken Fitzgerald - Staff Employment Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services
Joe Grimes - Staff Employment Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services

In this session, we will discuss the latest topic of short-term business travelers from the US. We will cover the items to consider with employees crossing borders and scenarios where it is necessary to report income and tax.

Local Taxes A to Z
Bruce Phipps, CPP - Principal Product Manager/US Legislative Analyst, Oracle

Abracadabra! Local taxes made easy.  Join in as we traverse the magical mystery of the State Taxes A to Z.  Amaze your boss and your co-workers as you shine with the knowledge and the magic of compliance, of filing and of annual reconciliations.

Millennials & Generational Preferences around Payment & Paycards
Michael Phippen – Regional Manager, Global Cash Card

The Center for Generational Kinetics and Global Cash Card led a landmark national study that looked at Millennials and generational preferences around payment, pay cards and workforce trends. The study findings revealed surprising generational differences and emerging trends that will affect businesses of all sizes and in all industries. These trends are only going to accelerate as Millennials are now the largest growing generation in the workforce and increasingly taking on managerial and leadership roles. As payment and pay cards are the currency of commerce, this study is proving essential for executives to know in order to make key business decisions across their enterprise. 

 - How and why millennials are impacting how payments and paycards are being used today
 - Identify workforce trends that highlight millennials specific usage demands in regards to payments and paycards
 - How and why the landscape has changed for payment and paycard demographics (unbanked, underbanked, underserved, millennials)

Magic Potion 201—California Payroll
Valery Noakes, CPP – Consultant

The magic potion grows more potent in this sessions as we review and discuss advanced topics related to California payroll processing. Unveil the mysteries of California payrolls that all employers need to know with group discussion

2017 Unemployment Landscape – Current Economic & Legislative Issues
Thomas Mudd - Regional Manager Employment Tax Services, Equifax Workforce Solutions

Trends with unemployment claims national and state unemployment rates

Solvency of state UI trust funds, Title XII loans, and computation of FUTA taxes

Current legislative activity and impact on employers for UI claims and future UI tax rates

High-level overview of best practices to control UI costs

Lean Labor: How to Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity
Martin Armstrong, CPP, MBA, DBA -Vice President, Payroll Shared Services, Charter Communications

Lean Labor is the relentless pursuit of the elimination of waste. If you can reduce the number of transactions that go into a given process, it will reduce your cost per transaction in each cross-functional area that supports the delivery of the Perfect Paycheck.   This session will review the basics of LEAN Methodologies to include the 8 Wastes of Lean and how to apply LEAN to improve transactional processes. 

Friday, September 22, 2017 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Payroll for Beginners
Teresa Mulkey, CPP - Senior Manager, Global Payroll Strategy, Celanese

The Payroll for Beginners session is designed for those who are looking for insight into the world of gross wages, taxable income and reporting requirements. In this class learn the basics of payroll responsibilities from customer service to reporting taxes to payroll jargon. This seminar will provide the foundation needed to move to the next level of your payroll education.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Matt Kaufer- Vice President, Barnett Associates

Planning associated with mergers & acquisitions (“M&A) begins immediately after the identification of the target company.  This session will focus on strategies necessary to create an overall “employment tax efficient” structure.  Payroll, Payroll Tax, HR, and Unemployment Tax professionals contribute significantly to the financial success of any contemplated M&A transaction, especially when involved early in the process.  This session will guide you through the phases of the M&A process so that your next M&A event is a financial success.

Payroll Operations for a Mobile Workforce: Emerging Trends, Opportunities, and Risks
Laura Sandford - Senior Manager, Deloitte
Cindy Bedford - Senior Manager, Deloitte

As organizations increase in size and complexity, so do their payroll functions.  Companies must carefully consider the role of payroll (strategic or operational?), the operational structure (global, regional or local?), and the vendor model (insourced or outsourced?).  They must also establish plans to maintain payroll and tax compliance for an increasingly diverse workforce including frequent business travelers, cross-border commuters, transferees, and traditional expats.  Join us for an interactive discussion about global payroll trends and challenges, leading practices, and considerations to arrive at the best solution for your organization.

Form I-9 Compliance: Let’s Review the Basics
Joseph Black - Special Agent, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (U.S. ICE)

With the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) in 1986, employers in the U.S. are required to hire only authorized workers. Employers must document their employees’ identity and work eligibility on the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, at the time of hire.  Violations of immigration law can expose employers to possible civil and criminal penalties.  Poor employment eligibility verification practices may also lead employers to the inadvertent hiring of unauthorized workers. 

Good Judgment – Who has it? Who Doesn’t? And How Can We Get More of It!
Kathy Phillips, CPP – Director of Operations, Meredith CPAs
Karen Meredith, CPA, CFP – Managing Partner, Meredith CPAs

A payroll professional or leader must consistently demonstrate good judgment to be successful. What is good judgment? Is it a learned skill? Can good judgment be improved or developed? What are the obstacles that prevent us from using good judgment?   This workshop will explore all of these areas and show us how to use our experience, skill and knowledge to make wise decisions using good judgment.     

Improving Efficiency with Six Sigma
De Ann Doonan, CPP, - Director of Global Payroll, Maxim Integrated Products

Do your current metrics drive results?  Do they spotlight issues or simply measure errors and volumes?  Learn how to use root cause analysis, issues logs and scorecards to improve efficiency, resolve upstream challenges and deliver results that make your metrics shine!  In this session we’ll discuss:

 - Root Cause Analysis
 - Issues Logs
 - Metrics
 - Scorecards

 Saturday, September 23, 2017 8:30 am – 10:00 am

The Mindsets of a Successful Leader
Samuel Kerch, CPP, CGMA - Director of Finance, Symmetry Software

Becoming influential in your sphere of colleagues and friends requires so much more than a title. ‚Äč Discover 4 attitudes that will transform the way you approach the job of managing people, departments and life. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017 10:15 am – 11:45 am 

You. Your Story. Make An Impact.
Kelly Swanson - Speaker

The journey ends as Kelly closes our conference bringing the journey to us and the power of our story. No matter what our role at work, we’re all in the business of persuasion.  We all want to influence someone else – whether it’s a boss, a customer, a team member, or getting our son to clean up his room. Kelly will share with you her secrets learned from a life on the road as a motivational speaker. Secrets that will help you master the art of connection and engagement and give you a higher level of impact and influence in your life and in your work.  Kelly will you send you off with just the encouragement you need to take on the world – laughing the whole way.



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