Award Winners:

2016   Martha Baxter
2015   Rebecca (Becky) Mather, CPP
2014   Teresa Mulkey, CPP
2013   Taunya Fritzsching, CPP
2012   Patty Lake Cady, CPA, CTP, CPP
2011   Carolyn Trader, CPP
2010   Carl York, CPP
2009   Tommy Windsor, CPP
2008   De Ann Williams-Doonan, CPP
2007   Glen Hilton, CPP
2006   Valery Noakes, CPP
2005   Barbara Youngman, CPP
2005   Stuart Evans, CPP
2004   Debera Salam, CPP
2003   Carolyn Huse, CPP
2002   Kathy Phillips, CPP
2001   Kay Tucker, CPP


Texas Payroll Professional of the Year


Martha Baxter

The Texas Payroll Professional of the Year Award was established in 2001 to recognize outstanding payroll professionals who continue to strive for excellence, both personally and professionally.  The recipient of the Texas Payroll Professional of  the Year Award must have demonstrated, over a significant period of time, dedication to the promotion of the payroll profession and payroll professionals.

This year’s recipient is known for her passion for payroll education and is truly dedicated to payroll and payroll professionals across the US.  This person is eager to learn of any new legislative changes at the federal, state, and local levels in order to keep their employer, chapter members, and national members informed of the new regulations.    

This recipient has been very active in the payroll profession through her local chapter, Texas Payroll Conference, and national APA through presenting workshops, seminars and has been a contributing member on various APA commitees..  

Please join us in congratulating the 2016 Texas Payroll Professional of the Year…..Martha Baxter